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Residential Property

Date: 4th October 2018

Time: 09:30 – 17:00

CPD: 6 Hours

Price: £129 + vat

Conference Sponsors

Conference Topics

Presented By Richard Snape

The course aims to look at five very topical and dangerous areas for the conveyancer, highlight the problems and suggest the solutions.

Topics covered include:-

  • Over-calculating SDLT on additional dwellings
  • Ground rent issues including mortgage company requirements
  • Problems with lease extensions
  • Problems enforcing positive covenants, especially issues in relation to estate rent charges

Presented By Stephen Desmond

The Handbook sets out the lenders’ title and enquiry requirements, but its numerous clauses are loaded with potential pitfalls for the busy conveyancer.

This presentation adopts a practical approach to dealing with key problems faced by conveyancers when representing both borrower and lender.

Matters covered include –

  • Purchase price: Discrepancies and money from a third party
  • Back-to-sales and sub-sales: what are the risks?
  • Planning and Building Regulations infringements: the risk of enforcement
  • Restrictive covenants: reasonable enquiries to be made about a breach
  • Buildings insurance: especially with regards to apartment blocks
  • Bankruptcy entries: you must be satisfied they do not relate to the borrower
  • Lender requesting borrower’s file: can you refuse to release it?

Presented By Stephen Desmond

The most recent revision to the Con29 form has resulted in new and modified pre-contract search questions for conveyancers to consider.

This presentation will outline some key issues that arise when advising a client on any adverse result from the local search.

Topics covered will include:

  • Cases on liability for inaccurate replies, old planning condition & short period of ownership
  • The purpose of the new enquiries concerning listed buildings
  • New questions about recorded public rights of way and legal orders associated with such rights
  • Key elements of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System
  • Community Infrastructure Levy: the charge, liability, statutory notices and enforcement measures
  • Prescribed information about maps and statements, deposited in connection with town and village greens

Presented by Adam Bullion, Head of Marketing at InfoTrack

Whilst we must always look to the future, InfoTrack will explore why it’s also important to not lose sight of today, and why your firm should be looking for the best technology now. This talk will:

  1. Explore the parallels between law firms and other professional businesses
  2. Discuss new research into the home mover market and look at what is important to them in a digital world
  3. Provide an insight into what tech law firms can adopt now to win more business and deliver to achieve profitability.