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Business Development and Technology

Date: 23rd October 2018

Time: 10:00 – 15:15

CPD: 3.75 Hours

Price: Free

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Conference Topics

Speaker: Rachel Williams, CEO of Zaliet


Clients are precious. They pay the bills today and provide the platform to pay the bills in the future. And yet despite their importance, so much effort goes into finding new clients and far less into looking after existing ones.

The existing happy clients are a firm’s best referral sources. Probably more than 80% of a firm’s work comes from referrals. But how do firms ensure that their clients are receiving the best communication experience for them to refer?

The new Service Portal from Zaliet is a product that enables firms to consolidate all the major touchpoints between the law firm and their clients in one place, and at the same time make it very easy for clients to refer their family, friends and business acquaintances to the law firm.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to better serve your clients
  • Offering 24-7 communication
  • Offering more ways to communicate, pay bills, access documents and book appointments
  • Be compliant with the SRA’s new pricelist regulation
  • Cut down on non-billable admin time
  • Never miss another client enquiry

Speaker: Gary Jones, Cloud Geeni


44% of UK businesses report cybercrime as one of their major concerns, but how can you manage this increasing threat? Understanding the IT challenges faced by the legal sector, Gary Jones explains cybercrime & explores the real threats to your business. From understanding cybercrime risks, protecting your client and business data and ensuring IT systems help deliver efficiency throughout your business processes, Gary will provide you with an informative guide to IT security including: what you can do to protect yourself and the best tools to keep your business and client data safe.

Speaker: Tobi Alli-Usman, Smooth Digital


Veteran digital marketing strategist Tobi Alli-Usman will walk you through the very blueprint he has used to help companies double their revenue in less than 12 months.

Speaker: Adam Bullion, Head of Marketing at InfoTrack


Whilst we must always look to the future, InfoTrack will explore why it’s also important to not lose sight of today, and why your firm should be looking for the best technology now. This talk will:

  1. Explore the parallels between law firms and other professional businesses
  2. Discuss new research into the home mover market and look at what is important to them in a digital world
  3. Provide an insight into what tech law firms can adopt now to win more business and deliver to achieve profitability.

Speaker: Andrew Stanton, PalisadeSECURE


Despite the headlines there are simple practical steps to keep your computer systems safe and comply with the ever increasing local and global regulations. The importance of getting these correct substantially increases as we move to an AI age.